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This moon image was taken by LOD's Telescope listed in the Product Page.

The second image is of LOD's laboratory. 


Design and Innovation


Logan Optical Designs (LOD) was started by Dr. Logan DesAutels in 2004 and has been using Zemax/Code V since 1995.  LOD provides optical design services and products at competitive prices that larger companies just cannot compete with.  LOD is located in the Midwest that will hopefully bring a refreshing attitude as compared to what a large more complex company can offer.  LOD offers mechanical and electrical services also to give a complete engineering solution to your product or newly designed prototype.   LOD laboratories is located on Curly's Place Farms, which is beautiful horse riding facility.  Both LOD and Curly's Place Farms are part of the same corporate LLC 


2728 Gearhart Rd. 

Troy, OH 45373

Tel: 937-469-0756

LOD Software:


       1. Zemax optical design code

       2. Lighting Analysts AGi32 photometric optical software

       3. Mathcad mathematical software

       4. Matlab mathematical software

       5. All Microsoft software packages



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Logan Optical Designs (LOD) is an optical design consulting company with over 20 years experience in lens design, modeling and analyses of any optical or lighting system.  LOD uses Zemax optical design code, which is capable of geometrical ray analysis, CAD importation and scattering analyses. 


In addition to optical and lighting design consulting LOD provides a list of lenses and optical products for sale.  LOD will also accept ideas for other innovated products and has an interest in forming new business partnerships for product ideas. 



Logan Optical Designs clients range from DoD, DOE, NASA, university and private corporate customers.  LOD provides optical designs, the assembly of prototypes, mechanical designs (North Pointe Associates), characterization of prototypes, and procurement services. 


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