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LOD Beam Image Profiler

With experience measuring laser beam profiles using tedious scanning techniques to sample the beam across x and y axes; LOD has invented a novel method of measuring any laser beam with one click of the LOD Image Profiler.  PIN photodiodes, expensive translations stages, software to run the stages and 2-4 hours of time is simply eliminated with one camera setup anywhere in your laboratory.  This camera can be setup from 2ft to 25ft on axis or off axis from the object.  It has a focusing capability that's easy to bring perfect contrast to the image plane of the camera.  Any camera can be used with the LOD Image Profiler; it is priced with or without a camera.  The lens design is diffraction limited in order to obtain fine beam detailed resolution.  $900 for the lens; $999 includes an ND filter and iris option; $1,500 includes camera, software, ND filter and iris.  

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