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LOD Clients:


Logan Optical Designs (LOD) has clients with the DoD, multiple universities and the private sector.  Listed below are just a few of LOD Clients

LOD designed a wide angle lens for Auburn University.  The design, procurement, assembly and testing of the lens was done by LOD and delivered to Auburn on Oct. 2005.


Auburn University:


Dear Logan,

Thank you for your optics design. I am very happy to inform you that the optical lens works great. We used it in our optical system and the performance improved about three times!  You advised us with the best solution, so that we met the project goals as well as the budget. We are grateful to work with a professional and responsible company like yours.

Your designing work is among the best per our cooperative experience with optical companies. And we definitely will choose you as our next project partner. Thanks again!


Feng Xu

Research Associate

Auburn University

LOD designed four Missile Threat Warning Discrimination (MTWD) sensors (or WAHL sensor -- Wide Angle Hyperspectral Lens) for DRA.  Each WAHL sensor design consisted of four different entrance apertures and optical layouts.  LOD continues to stay on contract with DRA, since September of 2004, providing optical design services on other DRA novel optical sensor designs.  Below is a review from DRA, and click on the WAHL link to view this design.



Defense Research Associates, Inc.:


Defense Research Associates (DRA) has subcontracted with Logan Optical Design (LOD) for optical design support on contract FA8650-04-C-1694, "Missile Threat Warning Discrimination (MTWD) Phase II".  LOD designed several high performance, wide angle optical systems and investigated design trade-offs for these designs.  LOD has done an exceptional job and has met all of our cost and schedule requirements.  DRA continues to utilize LOD optical expertise. 

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